Most Common Power Tool Accidents You Need To Avoid

It is a common fact that safety is given the utmost importance in handling power tools. This is because the danger of accidents can happen anytime. There are over a thousand cases of minor and major accidents happening annually with power tools. Some of these cases even result in death. You can help lessen the […]

What It’s Like Owning The Best Tools? Craftsman Power Tools

Searching for the best and most reliable power tools? Look no further because Craftsman Power Tools has earned the prestige of producing the top of the line tools in the industry. Their power tools are well known in the market to be powerful, effective, and durable. They also offer a great warranty package to its […]

Top Reasons Why Delta Power Tools Are A Great Investment

 Buying Delta power tools is one of the best decisions you will ever make. They are worth every penny you pay, giving you great value for your money. With its reasonable price, you get to own durable and sturdy power tools. Delta has been making power tools for the last 86 years, making itself a […]

The All-new DeWalt Power Tools: Must-haves for 2020

As with other power tools, the All-new DeWalt power tools come with a full three-year warranty. Please note, however, that the warranty doesn’t include power tools that were damaged due to abuse or normal use. Also, the accessories don’t come with a warranty but DeWalt is happy to accept product exchange for damaged accessories. You […]

Top Power Screwdriver Tips this 2020

top screwdriver tips 2020

Different power screwdrivers have varying amounts of torque power and speeds. You will want to compare this information before deciding on the power screwdriver you wish to purchase. Take some time to review what each power screwdriver is recommended for. Compare that to the projects you are likely to undertake with the power screwdriver.

The Chemical Free Way To Keep Your Fridge Clean


We tend to forget about cleaning the fridge a lot of the time. But as the spring cleaning season approaches, it may be time to give that gunk underneath some of your expired condiments a second look. For health and safety reasons, it’s best to keep a clean refrigerator. It helps to prevent mold and promote the appliance’s efficiency. Also, a fresh-smelling fridge is just so much more calming than a stale- or moldy-smelling one! Here are some tips for cleaning your refrigerator with natural ingredients safely.

How To Use Essential Oils Throughout The Home

master bathroom renovation

Essential oils may be great for aromatherapy, but can they really be used to help clean your home? In fact, lemon, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, and peppermint essential oils are all naturally antibacterial, whereas many more, like orange, pine, and eucalyptus, are often major ingredients in less-natural cleaning products. For me, the initial purchase of a bunch of essential oils was absolutely worth it; only a few drops are ever used at once, and they have plenty of uses around the home. Here are just a few of the ways you can clean and freshen your house with them.