Handyman Requirements By State

Jul 20 , 2020

maida barrientos

Handyman Requirements By State

Otherwise, you could face fines, removal of your project without compensation, or a dangerous situation at your home. These consequences are usually cheaper than the cost of a permit, which qualifi...

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What I Regret About Starting a Handyman Business

Business regrets and mistakes

I made a lot of mistakes when starting my handyman business.

Here are just a few:

  • Quoting a painting job and getting stung by the contractor’s board.
  • Dropping a customer’s brand new 50″ TV and shattering the screen.
  • Underpricing my services on countless jobs (which cost me over $50K during my first year in business alone).
  • Being scared to recommend repairs to customers for a fear of being too salesy.
  • Being scammed for $200 by a cold-caller who was selling fake leads.
  • Scheduling jobs inefficiently which caused me to waste time and lose profits.

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How The Coronavirus Will Impact Handyman Businesses And What to Do About It

Coronavirus impact on handyman business

Updated: 4/27/20

Everyone has Coronavirus on their mind, and rightly so. This could be the most important event in our lifetime. It’s already changed the world. The only question now is “how much will the world change?”

Nobody knows.

Experts are happy to share their opinions, which are likely very good opinions based on complicated economical models, cutting edge science, and a comprehensive view of history.

But ultimately, nobody knows.

Maybe one of the thousands of brilliant scientists out there will develop a vaccine or anti-viral treatment that works and we can all go on with our merry lives. Or, maybe this will drag on until well into 2021.

This likely leaves you with a lot of questions bouncing around in your head. And as a reader of this website, one of those questions is “how will this impact my handyman business?

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Save Time and Money During Tax Time With This One Simple Tip

Save time with tax prep checklist

Filing your taxes can either be a huge pain in the ass or just a small pain in the ass, depending on how organized you are.

In this short article I’m going to share one simple thing that I do to make filing my taxes  just a little bit less of a pain in the ass.

Let’s jump right in.

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Here’s How Much You’ll Save In Taxes With an S Corp (Hint: It’s a LOT)

S corp Tax Savings

One of my favorite things about having a business is that making small changes can lead to big jumps in profit.

In this article I’m going to share how you can save thousands of dollars every year by simply setting your business up to be taxed as an S corp.

That’s not an exaggeration. This is one of the easiest ways to put more money in your pocket every year.

This will only take a few hours to implement, and it will pay large dividends for years to come.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. In fact, by filing as an S corporation in late 2017, I was able to save over $10,000 in taxes in 2018. That’s an extra ten G’s that went straight to my bank account. The same will be true for 2019 as well.

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How to Use Google My Business To Generate FREE Leads For Any Local Business

Computer Screens showing graphs and charts

Google My Business is one of the easiest, most effective, and FREE ways to generate leads to any homes service business. It doesn’t matter if you do small home repairs, build decks, or remodel homes, this is a major opportunity to grow your business with minimal effort.

There are very few free marketing methods for handymen and contractors that actually work. But, if you want to take advantage of this one, you’ll need to know how to optimize your profile on Google.

When I started my handyman business in 2012, I set up a profile on the platform (which was called Google Places at the time), and within days I was receiving high quality leads from it. Since then it has helped me generate hundreds of free leads and continues to play a significant role in my online marketing strategy.

I love tools like this because they help lower the barrier of entry to get started as a service pro. You can simply sign up, spend some time to optimize your profile, and in many cases, start receiving free leads within days.

Now, things are a little different than they were back in 2012. Far more businesses are online these days and the competition is higher. But you can still stand out with a little know-how. I’ve been helping handymen and contractor’s generate leads online for the last seven years and this strategy continues to work.

So let’s dive in! In this article, I’ll share how to leverage this free tool to grow your business fast.

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