Apr 01 , 2014

HS 015 – How To Go From Mowing Lawns to $32 Million In Revenue With Christy Webber

In this episode of the Handyman Startup Podcast, I’ve got something special for all you landscaping contractors out there.

I bring on Christy Webber of Christy Webber Landscapes in Chicago, IL and uncover her story and how she went from a small town lady mowing lawns, to running one of the largest Landscaping companies in Chicago.

I know this isn’t the typical type of guest I bring on the show and Christy isn’t a handyman, but the lessons she shares are applicable to all trades.

Christy’s story is incredible, especially considering that she didn’t graduate with a business degree.  In fact, her education was in physical education.  She knew nothing about operating a business and just got started mowing lawns.  And that’s the key to her success, she just got started.

Her determined attitude and love for her job helped her build a business that currently employs roughly 400 people!  Listen in to find out how.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Why some companies fail in bad economic times and others succeed.
  • How to scale a service business even if business isn’t your strong suit.
  • How integrating your story into your business can get your customers working to help you.
  • Struggles with employees and how to deal with them.
  • How to overcome fear and finally get started with your business.
  • How brutal honesty with your customers can take your business to the next level.
  • The importance of letting go and allowing others to help you.

Links and Resources

As always, thanks for listening!  And a special thanks to Christy Webber for joining me on the podcast and sharing her story to help others succeed.

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