How The Coronavirus Will Impact Handyman Businesses And What to Do About It

Coronavirus impact on handyman business

Updated: 4/27/20

Everyone has Coronavirus on their mind, and rightly so. This could be the most important event in our lifetime. It’s already changed the world. The only question now is “how much will the world change?”

Nobody knows.

Experts are happy to share their opinions, which are likely very good opinions based on complicated economical models, cutting edge science, and a comprehensive view of history.

But ultimately, nobody knows.

Maybe one of the thousands of brilliant scientists out there will develop a vaccine or anti-viral treatment that works and we can all go on with our merry lives. Or, maybe this will drag on until well into 2021.

This likely leaves you with a lot of questions bouncing around in your head. And as a reader of this website, one of those questions is “how will this impact my handyman business?

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3 Handyman Business Myths Exposed

3 myths of a handyman business

I get a lot of e-mails from readers who are interested in starting a handyman business, but have a few roadblocks holding them back. Those roadblocks are usually unanswered questions or assumptions based on bad information.

There is a lot of bogus information out on the Internet today. In this article I’m going to address 3 Myths that I believe hold a lot of people back from the the freedom and fulfillment of owning  a handyman business. I’ll show you why these myths just aren’t true and how I’ve proven it with my own business.

If you are thinking about starting a handyman business but still aren’t sure, keep reading.

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Double Your Income Every Year – How to Unlock Consistent Growth in Your Business

Consistent Income Growth

When I first heard the saying “work smarter, not harder,” it stunned me. I just sat there slack-jawed and confused while the guy that said it casually got up and walked away.

It happened in a college class, and ever since that moment I’ve been trying to figure out what it actually means.

I remember this experience because I felt dumb – like a Neanderthal banging stones together while everyone else is driving flying cars.

I now had a big question looming over my head…”How does somebody actually work smarter instead of harder?”

Whatever the answer was, I wanted to do that.

But I didn’t realize until much later that

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The Future of the Handyman Business

Handyman Business Future

I don’t know of a better time in history to be a professional handyman or contractor.

Our economy is growing.

Our society is becoming less and less handy.

Houses are getting more complex.

And people are outsourcing more of their lives every day in an attempt to do more, have more, and be more.

It used to be uncommon to hire a housecleaner. It was something only wealthy families did. Now it’s normal for a middle class family to hire not only a housecleaner, but to hire mobile dog groomers, carpet cleaners, painters, lawn care services, dog walkers, nannies, and of course, a handyman.

Basically, there has never been such a high demand for our services. But the interesting thing is that as an industry, we are relatively unsophisticated.

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4 Ways To Grow Your Business WITHOUT Working More or Hiring Employees

Grow business in goldfish glasses

Do you feel like your handyman business income has hit a glass ceiling?

Maybe your schedule is already full, and you’re pretty sure your pricing is about as high as it can go.

If so, how do you increase your income? How do you generate more profit when you don’t want to raise your prices, work more hours, or work harder?

At first glance, it may seem difficult. Potentially not even worth the effort. A lot of pros assume the only way to grow from here is to hire employees, and most don’t want to do that.

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3 Reasons You Won’t Accomplish Your Goals This Year – And What to Do About It

Puzzle for brain - goals

The year is fresh and there is so much potential for 2018.

Maybe this is the year you finally start that business.

Or maybe it’s the year you’re going to really take your business seriously so you can maximize it’s potential and make more money.

Regardless of your current situation or goals, it’s easy to be optimistic during this time of year. You’ve got almost a full 12 months ahead of you after all.

And that’s great, optimism is a good thing. It makes you happier and being happy can boost creativity, productivity, and lead to more money and even a longer life.

Unfortunately, the optimism also creeps into our minds in another area – our motivation. Since we are so motivated right now about achieving our goals, and they all seem so doable, we tend to think that we’ll always be this motivated.

“This year’s going to be different” we tell ourselves, “I can feel it.”

But is it really? If so, why? What are you actually going to do differently this year that will lead to different results? Seriously, stop and answer that question.

I don’t mean to be a downer, but let’s get real for second, because until we do, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

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