Oct 19 , 2018

10 Easy Car Upgrades for DIYers

Step Up Your TiresFamily Handyman

Step Up Your Tires

Tires range on the spendy side as far as upgrades but a new set of tires provides one of the most noticeable, instant upgrades. There are some great sites out there to help find deals on wheels like Simple Tire or Discount Tire, which can deliver those tires to your local shop. Rotating tires every 6,000 miles will help ensure your car’s proper alignment and keep your ride smooth. Pay attention to the tread ratings, tires with high tread wear ratings tend to be more responsive to steering changes. A touring style tire produces a quieter ride while traction ratings — which go from AA to C as best to worst — let you know how well the tire can handle rain, snow and ice. Learn to make your tires last.

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