Mar 21 , 2019

10 Tricks to Make Your Computer Run Faster

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Check for malware

Make sure that spyware, malware (malicious software), or a virus hasn’t infected your computer. The symptoms include slow processing, a new home page on your web browser that you didn’t actively choose, or frequent messages saying that something is corrupt or flagging an error, according to Michael Schwehr, founder of JumpStart Computing in Alexandria, Virginia. “Viruses and malware will keep your computer running as slow as possible, while the virus is trying to spy on what you do online,” says Marc Enzor, owner of the computer repair company Geeks 2 U. “Be sure to have a good antivirus software, keep it up to date, and make sure it runs often.” Scan your computer with the anti-virus program you already have, or download an additional malware-detecting program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which is free and which many experts recommend. Watch out for these other signs someone is spying on your computer

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