Oct 01 , 2018

10 Ways You’re Storing Your Clothes All Wrong


Using the Wrong Hangers

Not all hangers are created equal. A hanger that’s the wrong size, shape, or material can actually harm your clothes, so do yourself a favor and invest in high-quality hangers that are suited to your specific wardrobe. Choose a variety of sizes; hangers that are too small encourage wrinkles, and hangers that are too big create those dreaded shoulder bubbles. Keep delicate items on lightweight, non-slip felt hangers, outerwear on sturdy wood hangers, and suits on actual suit hangers. And while you’re at it, skip metal hangers altogether—they’re too flimsy to do most clothes justice, too slippery for many fabrics, and they tend to distort the shape of your clothes.

Try this Bubble Wrap hanger hack!

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