Oct 14 , 2019

12 Things Costco Employees Won’t Tell You


Costco Price Sticker Secrets

There’s a secret code to be found in Costco price stickers, if you’re savvy enough to look for it. Most items have a price ending in $._9 (such as $2.99 or $2.49). According to Secret Price Codes That Will Save You Money At Costco, those items are the standard Costco price. But when you see an item price that ends in $.00 or $.88, that means the item is on Manager’s Special. Those are often items that have been returned or have superficial packaging damage. Be sure to look them over to avoid picking up sub-par merchandise, but even if you don’t discover an issue until you get home, the famous Costco return policy will still protect you.

In addition, any price sticker that ends with $.97 indicates that it’s been discounted at least once, making it an even better deal. Keep an eye out for big savings like these, especially on higher ticket items like some of the surprising gourmet foods available at Costco.

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