Mar 06 , 2019

13 Puppy Training Mistakes You’ll Regret Later

Young puppy of brown labrador retriever dog photographed outdoors on grass in garden.

You rush inside after puppy does his business

“If he enjoys being outside to sniff and explore, it won’t take him long to learn that as soon as he pees, the fun is over. As a result, you may end up with a dog who avoids going to the bathroom when he’s outside until he absolutely has to,” says Jennifer L. Summerfield, Brown Veterinary Service, DVM, CPDT-KA and author of Train Your Dog Now! This can create problems down the line for those inevitable times when you really are in a hurry and need him to go quickly. Do this instead: take your pup out on a leash and wait patiently until he does his business. “After, praise and reward him and go for a walk or have some playtime in the yard. This way, he’ll learn to go promptly as soon as you take him out,” Dr. Summerfield says. Plus: These are the cleaning tips EVERY dog owner should know.

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