Oct 04 , 2019

15 Things People Who Always Have Clean Cars Have in Common


They Never Leave Home Without Garbage Bags

If you’re super busy or you travel for work, you might end up at your fair share of drive-throughs or grab-and-go sandwich stores. Why can that be a problem? “Those people often end up having messy, smelly cars because food bowls, wrappers, and debris start to pile up,” says Dena Sanowicz, a New York–based professional organizer and the brains behind Instagram’s best-kept secret for organizing tutorials. “If you’re late for a meeting or you’re running somewhere, it’s easy to let these things pile up. You can solve that issue by always keeping car-specific garbage bags on hand and emptying them daily.”

Try an easy-to-use product like Tossits, which you can hang on the passenger-side headrest and tear off with minimal effort. These eco-friendly bags also have adhesive strips to seal away the mess before you make it to a trash can. If you’re always on the go, keep these 14 items in your car and you’ll be twice as productive.

Try this little trick to keep your plastic bags organized at home.

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