May 12 , 2020

Ant-Proof Your Hummingbird Feeder


Ant-Proof Your Hummingbird Feeder

“If it bugs you that ants come to your hummingbird feeder and treat it like a picnic table, try this. Punch a little hole in the bottom of a shallow can and thread through the line that suspends the feeder. Tie a large knot in the line so the container rests on the knot. Seal the hole at the top and bottom with silicone caulk. Then punch a hole in a smaller can, slip that over the string and caulk it to the bottom of the first can. After the caulk hardens, pour in water and your feeder will be ant-proof. It acts like the moat around a castle.” – Glenn Rosser.

“A layer of cooking oil on top of the water will slow down evaporation.” – Travis Larson

If you love hummingbirds, here’s how to create the ultimate hummingbird habitat in your backyard.

Plus, check out these fascinating facts about hummingbirds:

Family Handyman5 Fascinating Facts About Hummingbirds You Didn't Know

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