Feb 15 , 2019

Basement Waterproofing: How to Install a Basement Drainage System

A Dry Basement is a Useable Basement

Installing a basement drainage system is filthy, backbreaking work, but it’s not complicated. With a little instruction from our drain tile experts, you can do a first-class basement drainage job. And DIY pays off big: Pros charge $5,000 to $8,000 for a typical basement drainage job (120 linear feet of drain tile). You can install yours for less than $1,500 in materials and tool rentals.

Before You Get Started With a Basement Drainage System:

It’s always best to stop water from entering your basement in the first place, so before you run to the rental center for your jackhammer, be sure to address the exterior issues. The grade next to the house should slope down away from the building by least 6 in. for the first 10 ft. Consider installing gutters, or make sure the existing gutters are working properly. And check that your irrigation system isn’t adding to the problem by spraying water right up against the side of the house.

If You Have a Finished Basement:

If your basement is finished, with stud walls and insulation covering the foundation walls, you can still install a basement drainage system. When you break out the concrete, leave small sections of floor intact so the wall doesn’t drop down. A 4 x 4-in. section every 6 ft. is enough to support the wall. If there are obstacles along the wall (like a furnace), plan to tunnel under them. You’ll find most of the materials you’ll need at a home center. Order the rock from a landscape supplier. You’ll also need a pickup to haul the dirt to the landfill.

Always check with your local building official. Explain your project, and see if any permits or inspections are required in your area. Sometimes, a building official who has been around for a while may have information on how your house was built or what issues you may run into in your area.

Radon! A drain tile system creates a perfect pathway for dangerous radon gas to escape. If you’ve never tested for radon, it’s smart to do so before you install a drain system. That way, you can plan for a radon mitigation system as well.

Is radon testing required to sell a house? Find out here.

Meet the basement drainage experts

basement drainage system experts

Rite-Way Waterproofing has been in the business of installing waterproofing basement drain systems since 1965. The pros there know what works, and they’d better because the company has installed 100,000 systems, each with a lifetime guarantee. They also know what doesn’t work—half of Rite-Way’s current jobs involve replacing failed systems installed by other contractors.

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