Feb 06 , 2019

Best Drill Bit Holder: Bosch Custom Case System

Family HandymanStuff We Love: Bosch Custom Case


Bosch Custom Case System

Bosch’s 40-piece drill bit holder is great for a number of reasons, but let’s start with the case.

The Custom Case

What’s great about Bosch’s Custom Case is that the bits stay in place rather than getting jumbled around like they do in other cases. There’s a locking tab to make sure the drill bit tray doesn’t move and that means you’re not fumbling around looking for the right bit. And best of all you can organize it the way you want.

No-Slide Case

Bosch’s Custom Case will not slide anywhere. It’s got rubber on the case to prevent it from moving around.

Bosch Bits

The bits have high visibility because they’re etched in laser to help you find the bit you’re looking for. The bits have black oxide coating for longer life and Xtended Torsion Zone provides 10 times the life of standard impact bits. The bits also use new tip geometry to reduce cam-out as well.

Where to Buy a Bosch Custom Case

Order a Bosch Custom Case on Amazon or visit Bosch Tools online. You can buy the case and the bits individually as well.

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Or you can always try your own DIY fix like this clever trick for drill bit storage.

Bosch Custom Case System

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