Jun 10 , 2020

Best Grill Brushes for Cleaning Grill Grates

Close-Up Of Dirty used Barbecue Grill and scrubber grill brush

Why You Need a Grill Brush

Some grilling experts say that the secret to grilling the best-tasting food is to always cook on a clean grate. Grill brushes are the tool designed to remove food debris and grease from your grill grates. Keeping your grates clean can also extend the life of your grill.

One common problem with grill brushes happens when bristles break off, end up on your food and then in your throat. To avoid this, replace your grill brush often — if you can pull out a bristle, it’s time to replace the brush. Here are five excellent, highly rated grill brushes for you to consider. Plus, store your grill tools with these 13 brilliant tips.

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