Jun 04 , 2020

Best Products to Take Care of Your Marble Floors

Kitchen with marble floor

Marble Floor Cleaning Basics

Marble is a classically elegant choice for floors. But keeping this natural stone in top condition requires some special attention. It’s porous and soft, making it vulnerable to stains and scratches if you’re not careful when cleaning it.

To get rid of everyday dust and dirt, it’s best to go low-tech: Use a soft, natural-fiber dust mop. It should be dry and clean each time you use it. Skip the vacuum. Its wheels can drag particles across the surface and scratch it.

When your marble floor needs a more thorough cleaning (or if you want to boost your daily cleaning routine), use these marble floor cleaning products, chosen because they consistently ranked high with reviewers. They’re all free of abrasives and acids, which can damage marble by etching it.

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