Jan 08 , 2018

Bright Ideas for Organizing Your Laundry Room

Organizing your laundry room

To look at her laundry room, you’d think Christina Dennis is a superwoman. The working mom runs her blog (thediymommy.com), raises three young girls and does almost everything DIY-style at the home she and her husband built on the Canadian prairies. She doesn’t do it alone, though. “I have a lot of help from family,” she says, “but I often let things slide that aren’t as important to me—namely, laundry!”

That hasn’t stopped her from giving her laundry room a dose of signature style and functionality, like the rest of her Alberta home. Her pretty and practical update was inspired by necessity. “I didn’t have enough storage in my cabinets for a lot of my cleaning tools, plus I wanted a system where things were really easy to take out and put away,” Christina says. “Pegboard was the answer!” To make a small space extra hardworking, use it for a while before renovating. “Sort out what doesn’t work and what does work in the room,” she says.

Coordinated colors and plenty of homemade accents make a difference, too. Christina sewed her own ironing board cover and café curtains out of a floral fabric she loves. For a personal touch, she mounted her family initial over a vintage washboard that she picked up at a local antiques shop. “It’s important to make your utility rooms beautiful,” Christina says. “You spend a lot of time in them, so why not?”

Bright Ideas

Vintage-Red-Aqua-Pegboard-Laundry-Room-Design-Ideas-7-714x1000 hanging hampers

1. Hanging Hampers

Use hanging hampers to keep clothes tidy and out of sight.

DSC_0035-1 laundry room folding station

2. Folding Station

Create a folding station over the space you already have. Christina mounted an old door over her appliances.

Vintage-Red-Aqua-Pegboard-Laundry-Room-Design-Ideas-13-714x1000 cupboards laundry room

3. Closed Storage

Don’t forget good ol’ closed storage like cabinets. Stash detergents and supplies there.

DSC_0026 buckets for pocket change

4. Buckets for Pocket Finds

Toss spare change (and lip balm) from pockets in buckets within reach of your washer.

DSC_0019 pegboard laundry organization

5. Pegboard

Hang brooms and dustpans on pegboard so they’re out of the way but easy to grab for quick cleanups.

Want more clever storage and organization ideas? Click here for some great ideas!

This story originally appeared in Country Woman Magazine

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