Oct 15 , 2019

Changing Weather Home Repairs Checklist

WeatherRepairs Research Infographic

Home Repair Cost Facts: What You Should Know

As the weather transitions from season to season a number of a maintenance tasks need to be done to our homes. According to a new survey commissioned by Owens Corning Roofing, more than four in 10 homeowners have experienced damage to their home from drastic weather changes in the fall and winter and the cost of fixing property issues adds up. Here are easy home repairs that save big money.

On average, homeowners surveyed have lived in their current house for eight years, which means repair costs could add up to nearly $30K. With that price tag and upcoming weather changes in fall and winter, it seems homeowners would be doing what they can to prepare—but that might not be the case.

The survey found that a surprising 56 percent of homeowners admit to taking an “ignorance is bliss” approach to home repairs and changing weather. Of the 87 percent of homeowners who have experienced an issue, they currently have an average of three issues. This is what happens when you ignore pest problems.

Top Three Issues Homeowners Experience with Their Homes

The top issues Americans have faced in their homes include:

  1. Pests (such as mice/rats, termites and carpenter ants)
  2. Drafty doors/windows
  3. Leaky roofs

Many of these issues are are due to the changing weather (Here are the most common home repairs). According to the survey, fifty-one percent of those who have had an issue in their house say changing weather in the fall and winter was the catalyst. Preparing in advance for seasonal weather changes is key to helping eliminate repairs that may arise. So ALWAYS do a routine inspection of your home to help identify any issues leading into the changing weather.

Our Changing Weather Checklist:

With this checklist, go into each season with the peace of mind that your home is safe.

It doesn’t matter if you shun the cold weather or embrace it, winter is quickly approaching. Here are 30 tasks to tackle now to make sure your home is ready for the season.

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