Oct 25 , 2016

Comfortable, Rugged Workwear

Sponsored by Timberland PRO®

Comfortable, Rugged Workwear

As my family’s go-to handyman, I’m constantly carrying tools in my pockets, working on my knees, crawling under sinks and climbing ladders. I’ve lost count of the number of pants and jackets I’ve ruined over the years. So I was excited to try out Timberland PRO® workwear. For my latest weekend projects, I wore a pair of Gridflex canvas work pants, Gridworks 8-inch waterproof safety-toe work boots and an insulated Timberland PRO® Baluster work jacket.

My first project involved diagnosing and fixing my son’s front porch light. It was chilly outside and the Baluster work jacket was warm and comfortable. I stored my smartphone in one of the twin zippered chest pockets. It wasn’t until I was done that I noticed that the inside vest pocket would have been an even better place for my phone because it has hook-loop closure. That’s where I’ll store it next time. The weather was clear that day so I didn’t get a chance to test out the jacket’s water repellency, but I’ll have plenty of opportunity for that in the coming weeks.

Comfortable, Rugged Workwear

The Timberland PRO® Gridworks work boots were just as impressive. Even though they were new, they slipped on without a fight and were especially easy to lace and tie. Phew, no break-in period required. I noticed the extra ankle support right away as I climbed the ladder. That 8-inch-high boot really provides great support. I didn’t need the alloy safety toe feature for that weekend’s projects, but it’s a good feature to have since you never know when you’re going to drop a heavy object on your foot. I was on dry ground all weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to test out Timberland PRO®’s famous waterproof design or extremely high slip resistance.

Comfortable, Rugged Workwear

After fixing the porch light, I moved on to fix the door latch on my son’s car. That’s where I got a chance to test out the Gridflex work pants. I love the reinforced trim that protects the pocket’s leading edge so I can slip tools in and out. And I quickly noticed the triple-stitched back-hem kickplate that prevents your pants from tucking into your boots when coming off the ladder or getting up from a kneeling position. The crotch gusset made it easy to kneel without pulling at the waist, and the extra-articulated knee fabric made it easy and more comfortable to work in a kneeling position.

Then I was off to my daughter’s house to work outside installing and programming a remote garage door opener keypad. I was warm and comfortable, and my feet appreciated the support-a welcome change from my normal gym shoes.

Timberland PRO® really put some thought into their work gear, and it shows. My takeaway is that this is heavy-duty work clothing that’s not heavy, and that makes it comfortable to wear all day.

— Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Timberland PRO? workwear. The opinions and text are all mine.

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