Jun 25 , 2020

Deals We Love: Lawn Care

Deals We Love is a new series of posts aimed at connecting consumers with products they shouldn’t overlook. Our goal is to highlight products valued for their high quality and lasting legacy.

A sure sign of summer is the whirring sound of a lawnmower and the smell of freshly-cut grass. Lawn care might not be every homeowner’s thing, but it’s hard to deny the satisfaction of a newly-mowed lawn. Today on Stuff We Love, I have two essential lawn care implements for maintaining a verdant and beautiful lawn. With their sturdy construction and ingenious design, either of these products will keep you from ever thinking the grass is greener in somebody else’s yard.

Ryobi 40-V 21-in. Smart Trek Mower

Delivering “gas-like” power and performance has always been the challenge for cordless mowers. Ryobi puts those shortcomings aside with this SMART TREK Mower. Its 40-volt, 6 amp hour battery, combined with the load sensing technology of its brushless motor, gives it ample run time at maximum power. Other features include:

  • SMART TREK technology adapts to your walking speed for ease of use;
  • Rear-wheel drive for increased traction;
  • Step-to-release folding collapsible handles for compact storage;
  • Seven-position single-point height adjustment (1-1/2-in. to 4-in.);
  • High intensity LED headlights;
  • Two-in-one mulching and bagging capability.

The build on this mower is really impressive. It features a durable steel deck and blade housing, and the single handle cut height adjustment is easy to operate. It feels just like your old gas mower, only lighter. And we really love the cordless technology. Besides the quiet, there’s no gas to buy or store, no exhaust fumes, no winterizing the motor, and much less maintenance overall. Another step forward for green lawns and a greener planet, all for a more than reasonable price.

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Nelson RainTrain Sprinkler

The first traveling sprinklers were made back in the 1930s. Before the advent of sprinkler systems, they were a great way to water large areas of lawns. Nelson has created a new take on this classic sprinkler, retaining the quality of the original versions with some newly-added features:

  • Sturdy cast-iron body;
  • Three travel speed settings;
  • Adjustable aluminum spray arms offering 15 to 55 feet of coverage;
  • Automatic water shut-off stop block;
  • Travels up to 200 feet and can cover up to 13,500 square feet.

I love the design of this thing. Although dated, it’s still pretty high-tech for a sprinkler. The water running into the sprinkler drives a turbine gear that turns the back wheels while your garden hose guides the front wheel. You can lay your hose out in loops to cover whatever areas of lawn you have. For those without a sprinkler system, this is a great way to water your lawn without continually re-positioning your sprinkler. Not only that, it’s really cool to watch one of these sprinklers quietly at work in your yard, with no power, fuel or expensive install. Good enough reason to pull up a chair, open a cold beverage and just spectate as the green grass of home grows right before your eyes.


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