May 21 , 2020

Deals We Love: Outdoor Space Accessories

Deals We Love is a new series of posts aimed at connecting consumers with products they shouldn’t overlook. Our goal is to highlight products valued for their high quality and lasting legacy.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to commune outdoors with your friends and family. This week on Deals We Love we offer a safe and clean burning fire pit along with some smart solar string lights. Together they will make your outdoor space the place for memorable get-togethers this summer.

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar String Lights

There is no better ambient outdoor lighting than a canopy of string lights. Sometimes referred to as “Italian cafe lights,” hanging these over your porch or patio will give it that retro bistro look with an inviting ambience. These Brighttech string lights are commercial grade and weatherproof. The vintage Edison-style, shatterproof bulbs provide a light that’s soft yet bright enough for grilling and eating.

We love the solar capability, which eliminates the need for an exterior outlet and makes installation a breeze. The small solar panel mounts on a wall or a ground stake (supplied). A full daytime charge provides up to six hours of light so you can enjoy into the wee hours. Available in 27- or 48-ft. strands with a three-year warranty, these Brighttech lights will no doubt hold up for many seasons. They are one of the best deals out there for string lights, and provide ideal illumination for your outdoor space.

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Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Fire pits have become an ever-popular and almost essential part of the modern backyard. There’s nothing better than gathering around a fire, especially on cool nights. The only real downside is the smoke. How many times have you moved your chair out of the smoke stream, only to change your position again when the wind shifts?

Now you can stay in the same spot for an entire evening, because Solo Stove has designed a portable fire pit that is virtually smokeless and won’t leave you smelling like a campfire. Its double-wall, stainless steel design sucks air from the bottom and feeds heated oxygen to the top, making for a spectacular flame with intense heat. Not only is there scant smoke, but the super-efficient burn leaves minimal ash for a much easier clean-up.

The amount of heat generated by this little fire pit without much smoke is truly amazing, but its portability is equally valuable. You can easily move it to any spot in your yard, or even stow it for a camping trip. Its clean burning capacity produces no spewing embers.

People who purchased this fire pit rave about it: “Awesome,” “Just as Promised,” and “Worth Every Penny” to quote a few. Solo Stove is having a great sale on this fire pit and others, all coming with a free stand. They are also offering a up to 30% discount on bundled fire pit packages, so don’t miss this Memorial Day opportunity to light the perfect communal fire in your backyard this season.

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