Jul 03 , 2020

Deals We Love: Yard Games

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A great yard party should always include a fun outdoor game. The best games offer a simple level of enjoyment for all, a healthy but fun degree of competitiveness and a palpable sense of achievement.

Deals We Love this week offers some some classic games adapted for the outdoors that will provide endless hours of entertainment at your next backyard BBQ or outdoor gathering. All are true to form and quality-built to last for many memorable seasons of fun.

Turtleplay 3-in-1 Giant Tumble Blocks and Dominoes

Dominoes date to 10th century China. Jenga, by comparison, is relatively new, invented in the 1970s. Combining both for king-sized outdoor play amplifies the essence of these famous games. Dominoes is usually played at a table, but walking your pieces around in the grass or on a patio makes it that much more engaging. Jenga becomes even more exciting when you need to reach up more than four feet to make a move. The suspense of keeping this giant Jenga tower from toppling is almost too much.

What we love with these dual-purpose blocks is the genius of combining two classics into one. It makes you wonder if ancient Chinese game-players didn’t at least experiment with stacking their dominoes to play some early version of Jenga. “To Build” is the Swahili translation for “Jenga,” which is fitting when you realize the long-lasting enjoyment you’ll build with this game set at yard parties today and well into the future.

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Hathaway Deluxe Bocce Ball Set

Bocce, which dates to the Roman Empire, has become a go-to game for the back yard, beach or just about anywhere you can lay out a playing area. An official court is 90 ft. x 13 ft., but you can sketch out whatever size works given your lay of the land. Teaming up is always the most fun for competitive play, but many enjoy the quiet leisure of playing solo.

Even if your court isn’t regulation, you can be sure that these Hathaway bocce balls are. Many bocce sets come with smaller diameter balls, but these meet the official size requirement of 107-mm and feel great in hand. Just like true tournament balls, they’re made of an etched, chip-resistant resin that not only plays well, but will also hold up for many outdoor seasons to come.

The kit comes with eight bocce balls, one pallino (the little target ball), a nylon carry bag and a set of game rules. This classic bocce set is available at a more than reasonable price, so pick one up and get your next yard party rolling.

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The Family HandymanGiant Backyard Jenga Game If you have a miter saw and some 2x4s, you're ready to make an oversized version of this classic game. You'll need 6, 8-ft. 2x4s, a miter saw and a sander.

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