Feb 28 , 2019

Ensure Customer Satisfaction After Painting Projects

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5 Tips to Ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction at the End of Every Painting Project

Keeping our customers happy is essential, and sometimes that can be impossible to do no matter the situation. However, here are five tips to minimize the risk for your company and keep 99.9% of your customers happy.

Number One: Show up on time

This is our number one. We hear from customers that this is the most frustrating part about working with contractors. Every sales call I go on people are blown away that we show up on time. We don’t give time windows, we give exact times. If I think I’m going to be late, I call as soon as possible. If I’m on time, I call and let them know I could be running five minutes behind. This stuff is simple but goes a long way.

Number Two: Daily Doubles

If you communicate with your customer at least twice a day, you’ll be in good graces. Minimum twice. This formula is easy, when you show up, you tell the customer what you are exactly doing for the day. Before you leave, tell the customer what you did and what you will do first thing tomorrow morning. Repeat tomorrow. It’s that easy.

Number Three: Communicate clearly and positive

We require our employees to say hello and goodbye every day. We make sure that customers know our name and we know theirs. We look them in the eye and smile and say thank you. When you do these things the customer feels appreciated and that they are important.

Number Four: Have them examine your work every day.

Some employees hate this tip but it’s essential. How often do you get to the end of the job and the customer has a huge punch list for you? I like to address these concerns throughout the job. The script goes like this, “Mrs. and Mr. Johnson, at the end of each day you guys should examine the work, if you have any questions about anything, I’ll be sure to answer them.” I’ve had employees who weren’t the finest craftsman, but communicated like this, it covered them and all their mistakes, and the punch list at the end of the job was very minimal. It also made the customer feel in control.

Number Five: Maintain a neat and clean project.

This can be a little more difficult, but you can do it. If a customer feels like you are keeping a clean and organized workspace, they will feel like they are getting a better job and feel more respected. At the beginning of the job ask the customer if you can have a staging area. At that staging area, have your tools and sundries organized.  Lay rosen paper around the home where you are walking. Wear booties over your shoes. Have a shop vac in your vehicle to clean the dust every day. Be neat and clean, period.


Notice that I didn’t say, “Do good work” in the tips. We all need to realize that we are in the customer service business first. Doing good work should be a given, and most contractors that have been around for awhile are good craftsman. Ultimately, what’s going to set you apart is doing the five things listed above.


Noah Winkles is the vice president of New Life Painting. For over 35 years, New Life Painting has provided commercial and residential painting services to residents and business owners living in California’s Central Coast.


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