Oct 14 , 2019

Ford Explorer Recall May Affect Over 50,000 Vehicles


If you own a Ford Explorer, listen up: The legacy car maker has issued several recalls for Explorers. So many, in fact, that questions are now swirling around the Chicago plant where Ford builds its Explorers and Lincoln Aviators.

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The latest recall, issued October 2, involves 2020 Explorers with 2.3-liter and 3.3-liter engines. This Ford recall reports that the harness holding the vehicle’s electrical wires is not properly secured. As such, the nearby air conditioning pulley could potentially grind into the insulation around those wires, which is a big fire risk. The company says there are nearly 10,700 vehicles with the problem, but most are in dealer inventory.

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In mid-September, a Ford recall involved nearly 340,000 2017 Explorers. In that case, the company cited a sharp-edged seat frame. And on August 30, Ford issued a massive recall for 2018-2020 Explorers for “seats that may not adequately restrain an occupant in a crash.” That Ford recall also included F-150s, F-Series Super Dutys and Expeditions and included 483,325 vehicles in the U.S.

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On August 7, Ford issued a safety alert that 2020 Explorers may be missing a part that keeps the car from moving while parked. Also in early August, six Washington state troops filed a lawsuit against the carmaker. They claim that 2014-2017 modified-for-police-use Explorers leaked carbon monoxide into the passenger cab, poisoning them. That issue also seems to flow from the Chicago campus. Workers modify Explorers for law enforcement at a 200,000-square-foot building near the Chicago assembly plant.

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In mid-September, the Detroit Free Press reported that quality issues may be even more numerous. The article cites unnamed quality-check workers at the Flat Rock plant south of Detroit who say Explorers are arriving out of Chicago with chassis, computer and air conditioning problems. One source told the Free Press that some Explorers are arriving with rookie mistakes, such as missing emblems and trim pieces, or fitted with the wrong wheels. According to the Free Press, workers at the Flat Rock facility are taking on extra shifts to address myriad problems.

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