Feb 23 , 2017

Great Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage

Check Tire Pressure RegularlyFamily Handyman

Check Tire Pressure Regularly

Keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure. Surveys show that 50 percent of all drivers' tires are underinflated. You can't 'eyeball' tire pressure and you shouldn't rely on the low tire pressure warning light--it only lights up when your tires are at least 25% underinflated. At that point you've already started wasting gas. Instead, check them monthly with a tire pressure gauge (less than $5). Underinflated tires have higher rolling resistance, causing your engine to work harder and waste almost $600 a year in gas. Low air pressure also wears out your tires twice as fast, costing you an additional $150 a year. The recommended air pressure for your vehicle's tires is on the decal pasted to the driver's door or pillar. Learn how to make your tires last longer here.

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