Feb 29 , 2016

High-Definition TV Wiring

Several years ago, I made the leap to Hi-Def TV. Got the HD satellite box and TV, surround sound—the whole bit. I have to say I was disappointed. The picture wasn’t nearly as good as I remembered it being in the showroom. So I had the satellite guys out. “Nope, that’s HD, all right!” Really? Yep. Over the next year, I had two more different sets of sat guys come out for various reasons. Same deal…”Yeah, that’s Hi-Def.” When you’re a TV golf fan like I am, the picture really counts, and the picture didn’t look any better than it did on our old TV.

One day my son was over and walked into the room where I was watching a PGA tournament. He said, “How come you’re not watching this in HD?” I said, “You don’t think this is HD?” He said, “Well, look at it—of course not!” He looked at the back of the TV and told me that I had component cables feeding the TV from the sat box and that it isn’t possible to get an HD signal through those. He said I needed an HDMI cable instead. I went shopping.


component video cable

Component video cables can’t pick up HD signals. Use an HDMI cable to improve your Hi-Def TV’s picture.

Holy smokes! With the old cables, I could barely see the golf hole during putts; with the new, I can spot individual grass blades on the fairways. Now I can report on whether Tiger has shaved for the big day.

Well, to make a long story short, you might want to check your cables. Could be that you’re not even watching HD on that fancy TV of yours.

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