Mar 02 , 2017

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Turn off the water supply before going on vacationFamily Handyman

Turn off the water supply before going on vacation

Turn off the water at the main shut off

Water damage from undetected plumbing leaks will quickly ruin ceilings, floors and walls, leading to repair bills in the thousands. This is especially true if you're away on vacation. Yes, such a leak is unlikely, but insurance companies report hundreds of these incidents every year. Look for the main valve near the water meter and turn it clockwise to close it. If it's stuck, leaks or doesn't turn on again, hire a plumber to replace it. The ice maker in your refrigerator may freeze up while you're gone, so shut it off too or thaw it with a hair dryer when you return.

If your main water shut off valve ever has to be replaced you can do it yourself! Here's how.

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