Nov 05 , 2018

Home Repair: How to Replace the Main Shut Off Valve

Shutoff Replacement Procedure

If you get drips of water coming through your pipes even with the main shutoff valve completely closed, it’s probably time to replace the shutoff with a new ball valve. It’s not complicated, but the house water will be off, so it’s a good idea to get your ducks in a row before you start.

Clogged Valve

clogged water valve

Test the “street-side” valve where the water enters the house. Since that valve is just as old, test it to make sure it closes all the way and reopens again. Mineral deposits and tiny pieces of grit can gradually build up in an old gate valve, making it impossible to fully close.  If that valve needs replacement, contact your water utility to shut off the main valve at the curb.

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