Jun 17 , 2020

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

Biting and Birthing

It’s Mosquito Awareness Week June 21-27, so now is the time to get your yard in shipshape for all the long summer evenings ahead. By doing preventive mosquito care now, you can enjoy your outdoor space with much less annoyance.

If you’re asking yourself how long mosquitoes live, you’ve likely just endured a mosquito bite (or 12). Maybe you’re one of those certain people who actually attract mosquitoes more than others. Bad news that adds insult to itch: After a female mosquito bites, drawing a blood meal from you or another human, she lays her eggs in stagnant water or an area prone to flooding, per the pest control experts at Terminix. This sets the life cycle of new mosquitoes into motion.

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More About that Mosquito’s Life Cycle

It can take from four days to four weeks for a mosquito to develop from an egg to an adult mosquito, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Mosquito eggs hatch in water, producing a larva, also known as a “wriggler.” The wriggler lives and feeds in the water, then develops into the third stage of the life cycle called a pupa, or “tumbler.” The tumbler lives in the water but doesn’t eat. The answer to the question “How long do mosquitoes live?” depends on how long it takes the adult mosquito to emerge from its pupal cases. Water temperature, food and the species of mosquito in question are all factors in that. Once it does, it’s ready to fly and, yes, possibly wreak havoc on your next barbecue, picnic or morning jog. Check out these 15 tips to combat mosquitoes in your yard.

But Exactly How Long Do Mosquitos Live?

According to the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), the lifespan of these insects varies by species, with the majority of mature female mosquitoes living just two to three weeks. Other types are known to survive in places like garages and attics for up to six months.

Protect Yourself From These Pests

Ultimately the answer to the question of how long mosquitoes live may be up to us, their victims, and how well we protect ourselves from their bites. Without their blood meals, mosquitos are toast. Make sure to dump standing water (think pool covers and clogged rain gutters) so eggs can’t develop into full-blown insects, and arm yourself with 7 mosquito repellent tips.


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