Oct 17 , 2019

How to Build a Drywall Arch

How to Build a Drywall Arch

Converting a plain doorway into a curved arch is a relatively straightforward project that requires some carpentry and drywall taping skills. You’ll need to frame a curved arch, bend and fasten a strip of drywall to the curved framing, and then install a flexible corner bead. None of these steps are difficult, but it’s fussy work.

Cut into Drywall and Make Template

FH03DJA_02848_017 fix a crack in drywall

First cut away the drywall inside the opening to expose the framing. Don’t worry if you break it back a few inches on the walls. Next determine the style and size of the arch (half circle, partial circle or ellipse) and make a pattern out of cardboard. Tape this up in the opening to make sure it looks OK and leaves enough headroom.

Use this template to mark out and cut two 1/2-in.-thick plywood arches. Next cut a 6-ft. 2×4 down to 2-1/2 in. wide (or 2 in. narrower than the total wall thickness).Cut one top block and two side blocks and nail them to the door framing. Center them so that the 1/2-in. plywood arches will sit flush with the existing framing. Now nail the arched plywood into place on both sides.

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