Sep 30 , 2019

How To Build A Folding Outdoor Bar

Cutting List

folding outdoor bar cutting list

Project Plans

folding outdoor bar project plan

Cut the shiplap boards

outdoor folding bar cut shiplap boards

Cut the 1×6 cedar to 39-in. on the miter saw. Clamp a sacrificial board to the table saw fence. Cut a 3/8” deep x 5/8” wide rabbet into the edge of the 1×6 cedar on the table saw. Flip the board over and cut a 3/8” deep x 1/2” wide rabbet on the table saw. Note: Three of the boards don’t need the 3/8” deep x 5/8” wide rabbet for one edge of the panels and three of the boards don’t need the 3/8” deep x 1/2” wide rabbet for the other edge of the panel.

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