Apr 24 , 2020

How to Build a Kids Climbing Wall


Family HandymanHow to Build a Kids Climbing Wall

Editor’s Note: My five-year-old grandnephew took immediately to both sides of the wall. He found different routes with the climbing holds and loved climbing up the ropes. His dad even found out that he could grab both ropes for his suspension training workout. So there is something for every family member with this wall.

Choose your wood

Make sure your boards are straight, flat and have four good edges. Avoid splits or blow outs on the ends. I chose to work with cedar 2×6 and pine 1×6 for affordability and weight. Pressure-treated lumber is too heavy and I still don’t trust all those chemicals. You could go with all cedar, but that gets expensive in a hurry. My total for lumber, hardware and climbing holds was about $225 at The Home Depot.

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