May 25 , 2020

How to Build a Modern Rustic Wall Planter

Looking to fill up a blank wall in your home with something other than generic department store art? Here’s an idea. Take those planks you’ve got laying around in your garage and build this indoor wall planter. The planter is a great-looking shelf all on its own and filling it up with an assortment of greenery will turn what was once an empty wall into a thriving nursery using just a few HART Tools, found exclusively at Walmart.


  • 3 – 1×6” 8’ pine plank
  • 5 – 1×6” 6’ pine plank
  • 25” deck screws
  • Wood stain



Step 1

  • Cut 8’ planks to 48”. You will need a total of 5 planks at 48” long. This will be the backing and the part that secures to the wall.
  • Cut 6’ planks to 23”. You will need 9 planks at 23”. This will be the sides and the bottom of your planter boxes.
  • Cut 1, 6’ plank to 4.75”. You will need 6 pieces at 4.75”. These will be the sides of your planter box.

Step 2

  • Stain 48” planks gray making sure to cover the side of each. They will be spaced when assembling everything, so you’ll see the sides to some degree.


Step 3

  • Assemble boxes by screwing the three 23” planks in a U shape with the bottom plank “inside” the front and back “wall” planks. Pre-drill so the planks don’t split.


Step 4

  • Assemble the 4.45” cuts to “cap” the ends “inside” the U shape. Pre-drill again to avoid splitting the edges of the planks. Then assemble the 48” backing planks with .5” spacers between planks. Tip: Use two bar clamps and make sure the planks are level on top and bottom.


Step 5

  • Sand all surfaces


Step 6

  • Stain the boxes

Step 7

  • Place top and bottom boxes 5” from top and 5” from bottom as well as 3.25” from sides to make them symmetrical. Then screw the boxes in at an angle and get 2 screws per 48” planks for security.


Step 8

  • Place top of middle box at 26.75” from bottom of the backing planks and 3.35” from each side of backing planks. Screw at an angle again getting two screws per backing plank.


Step 9

  • Find a space on the wall and make sure you find studs. This planter is quite heavy and sheet rock alone will not be a sufficient support.
  • Decorate with some books and plants!

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