Jun 12 , 2020

How to Build and Pour Your Own Modern Concrete Patio

This patio design is not only stylish but also perfect for someone with limited concrete experience. It’s much more forgiving than a big, continuous slab. On a large slab, a mistake in the form or in finishing can lead to depressions and water puddles. And inadequate base prep can lead to cracking. This segmented design makes those problems much less likely. To complete the look, you add decorative rock between the pavers. Are you ready to take it on? If you have help, you can build this patio in a weekend!

Prep the Site

  • Remove any existing sod, giving yourself a little extra room around the edges to make it easier to place the form and screed the concrete.
  • Scrape, rake and shovel the patio area to make it as level as possible. Depending on the grade and the finished height of your patio, you may need to add some sand fill.
  • Lay out the patio’s footprint with stakes and string. Make sure all the math works out and that the footprint is square.

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