Nov 08 , 2018

How to Make a Box Joint Jig

Set Up Tips

  • The blade setup determines how deep the pins and sockets are on your joint. Box joints look best when they are cut to match the thickness of your stock.
  • Make a test joint before cutting into the material you plan on using for your enclosure. Your jig will likely have to be fine-tuned after its initial setup.
  • Using a framing square, check that the blade is 90-degrees to the tabletop and 90-degrees to the miter gauge sled.
  • If the joint is too loose, the pins are too small, so make the space between the blade and the peg bigger by sliding the jig along the fence, moving the peg away from the blade.
  • If the joint is too tight, make the pins smaller by sliding the jig to move the peg closer to the blade.

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Set up the dado stack

 Box joint jig

Set the dado blade height a hair taller than the thickness of your material. The dado blade should be stacked to 1/2-in. thick to match the width of the peg stock. See more tips on how to make foolproof dado and rabbet cuts.

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