Jan 30 , 2019

How to Organize a Closet Like a Pro

girl inside closet

Clothing, clothing everywhere but not an outfit to wear! It’s an issue many of us have, which can likely be chalked up to a lack of organization. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to organize your closet like a pro, we have you covered.

Take a look at these 18 life-changing organizing ideas for hard-to-store stuff.

Create categories

One of the best principles to start with when organizing your closet involves grouping things. Put your shirts together, pants together, dresses together and so on. This way, you’ll see exactly what you have in each category (do you really need five black belts?) and you’ll always know exactly where in your close each type of garment or accessory is located.

This simple shelf-and-rod system will bring order to your cluttered closet and double the available storage space.

Organizer Clea Shearer of The Home Edit also suggests color-coding each category, while Jeni Aron of Clutter Cowgirl says breaking things up by season is also important. “If there are six whole months when you’re not wearing a heavy wool skirt, that piece can be placed with her winter sisters in another spot.”

Make the most of the space

If your closet is small, you’ll want to utilize door and wall space. Here, you can use over-the-door shoe organizers, coat racks and purse racks. You can also place a few simple hooks on the door for frequently worn items, or an outfit you plan to wear the next day.

Build this super simple wall-mounted shoe organizer.

For closets with a bit more room to work with, try things like adding shelves or a rod. If you have the vertical space, installing a second closet rod will utilize wasted space above and below the original rod.

You can also build closet shelves that double your storage space—taking your closet real estate to its full potential and storing twice as much stuff in a more organized way.

Get the step-by-step plans for building these twin shelves here.

Add visual appeal

Finally, use matching hangers, shoe boxes and containers to transform your closet visually, thereby making you feel more motivated to keep your space tidy.

Learn how to triple your closet space with a handsome DIY organizer.

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