Feb 25 , 2019

Kitchen Ideas: A Better Sink Drain


Ninety-nine percent of drain lines under sinks are bound to leak sooner or later. That’s because the parts are made from thin plastic and joined with “slip” joints that slip together and—eventually—slip apart.

So if there’s a new kitchen sink in your future, consider the drain assembly my plumber buddy installs for his best customers. He uses thick “schedule 40” plastic (PVC or ABS) parts that are “welded” together with solvent cement for sink drain plumbing. An assembly like this will last forever, no matter how times you bash it with the wastebasket. Be sure to install a union trap and a rubber coupler so you can open the trap to clear clogs. The other parts will vary depending on your sink drain plumbing situation, but in most cases you won’t spend more than $20.

So why doesn’t everyone build drains like this? Because it takes an hour or two, while the thin plastic stuff assembles in just a few minutes. And even surgeons wince when they see how much plumbers charge for a couple hours of labor.

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