Jun 04 , 2020

Lowes Launches Video Chat Service For Pros and Their Clients

Earlier this week Lowes launched a new service called “Lowes for Pros JobSIGHT” that lets contractors and construction professionals effectively communicate with their clients without setting foot in their homes.

JobSIGHT is a video chat service that allows pros to video chat while interacting with the things on their screen. Users can sketch on their screens and use tools like an onscreen laser pointer to highlight certain things they see in real time. The interactivity provided by augmented reality is meant to deepen communication between contractors and their clients.

The service is free for anyone in the Lowes for Pros Loyalty Program until October 31st. Lowes is also providing some key benefits to anyone in that program over that same time frame, including:

  • Five percent off every day on eligible purchases, plus zero interest for 60 days when using their Lowe’s Business Account (LBA);
  • A dedicated “pro shopping hour” from 6 to 7 a.m;
  • Curbside loading;
  • Delivery to job sites

“We rely on pros now more than ever to keep our homes and businesses safely up and running, which is why we are working hard to build new ways to keep pros working and to be the new home for pros both now and into the future,” said Lowe’s senior vice president Fred Stokes in a press release.

JobSIGHT is accessed through the web browser of compatible devices, which Lowes says should be “most modern iPhones, iPads and Android devices.” This eliminates the need to download an app, as a single link to the JobSIGHT service enables pros and clients to join the video chat.

Once a JobSIGHT meeting concludes, pros can access a shareable one-page summary that includes full video and audio, any hi-res photos taken during the meeting, and any notes to address follow-up needs.

“We will continue to invest in expanded pro product offerings and prioritize services and partnerships to help run and grow their businesses,” said Stokes. 

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