Feb 29 , 2016

My Best Backyard Idea Ever: Eliminate Grass Trimming

Eliminate grass trimming with a row of flat stones

Well, I can’t really call it my idea. But it is the best little project I’ve ever done in my backyard because it saves me hours of grass trimming every summer. Here’s the idea.

Set a row of flat stones or pavers into the soil along fences, planters, retaining walls—any place in your backyard that normally requires trimming after mowing. Your mower can roll right over the stones and cut all the grass. No need for trimming.

I used stones that were about 2 in. thick and left them about an inch above the soil level to discourage grass from creeping over them. Once or twice each summer, I pull out any grass that has sneaked between the stones.

— Gary Wentz, Senior Editor

Here are some more ways to simplify yard chores:

Tips for easier weeding and watering

Install a garden irrigation system

Sharpen the blade for faster mowing and healthier grass

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