Jan 10 , 2018

New Doors Make a Difference

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Whether you’re building a new home or simply updating your present living space, upgrading to better doors always pays off. In fact, most cost-vs.-value surveys show that installing a new exterior door is one of the best improvements you can make before selling your home. But the value proposition doesn’t stop at the front door. Better-built and more stylish interior doors also increase resale because they provide more comfort, an up-to-date look and a high-quality “feel.”

Avoid this common door-buying mistake

Jeld-wen green door

Home designers know that choosing the right door style and construction can “make” the room. The right door style blends well with your windows and trim and carries a common design theme throughout your home. Doors made from a composite, mineral or an engineered wood core also reduce sound transmission, provide more privacy and stand up better to the dings of daily life. Unfortunately, many first-time home buyers simply accept the builder’s or remodeler’s standard door offerings, and DIYers often leave door selection to the end of the design/build process when they’re low on funds and options.

Upgrading to well-built, more stylish doors early in the design process adds just a bit more to the overall cost of the project. But better doors can make a huge difference in terms of style and comfort. Choosing a prepainted or prefinished door can actually save painting labor costs. So it pays to check out your options early and get doors ordered so they arrive on time

What’s that hollow sound?

Choosing the right doors for your new home or remodeling project is about more than just style. There’s a direct correlation between door materials and internal construction and the ability to provide privacy and a trouble-free life span. A hollow-core door, for example, provides visual privacy but the lowest level of sound reduction. It transmits household noise into bedrooms where you want peace and quiet. When installed on bath and laundry rooms, they transmit annoying sounds into your living space. Hollow-core doors are fine for out-of-the-way areas like storage closets, where appearance and noise transmission aren’t important. But for all other locations, choose a door that offers style, solid construction and sound reduction.

The panel look is where it’s at

Jeld-wen panel door

Flush, flat doors have a utilitarian ’60s look. But raised- and flat-panel doors impart a fresh look to your home. Innovative solid-core construction techniques allow you to get style and privacy at an affordable price. For example, JELD-WEN’s ProCoreTM Solid Core doors are made with a combination wood/medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or an all-wood frame, along with a solid composite core. JELD-WEN’s ProCore solid core interior doors composite doors cut noise transmission by up to 50 percent compared with a hollow, flush door. Since the doors are molded, there are no gaps, wobbling or places that need touch-up over time. Plus, they’re made with a No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) formula for a healthier home. Order the doors ready-to-paint, prepainted or prefinished with a two-tone process that creates the look of real wood.

Almost unlimited selection

Jeld-wen shaker door

Jeld-wen flat panel door
MODA Collection with flat panels
Jeld-wen translucent glass door
MODA Collection with translucent glass
Jeld-wen design glide door
DesignGlideTM Hardware with a MODA door

JELD-WEN offers an almost unlimited array of door styles. The TRIA C-series, for example, features a router carving technique that provides definition in contemporary or traditional sticking profiles. The TRIA L-series features a Shaker design with dramatic sharp edges and a solid interior panel. For a more traditional look, choose from either the TRIA R-series or the prefinished WoodviewTM collection.

If you’re going for the latest contemporary look and want a combination of flat and glass panels, JELD-WEN’s MODATM Collection and DesignGlideTM Sliding Barn Doors with soft-close hardware have it all. Choose from an assortment of solid flat panels; solid flat panels combined with clear, translucent or mirrored glass; or all glass panels.

Create your DesignGlideTM barn door today!

Hit the brakes on standard doors from builders and remodelers

Composite door construction techniques allow you to upgrade your doors to the latest styles without busting your budget. So when your builder or remodeler offers you standard doors, tell them you want to see more options, like JELD-WEN’s TRIA Series, Woodview and MODA Collections and DesignGlide Sliding Barn Doors. Choosing your new doors from JELD-WEN is just an open and, ah, shut case.

Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

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