Nov 12 , 2019

Philadelphia Adds Construction Oversight After Increase in Accidents

The city of Philadelphia, PA, has recently seen what experts called “unprecedented growth” in its housing market. While that growth has been a boon for the city’s economy and housing, it has also brought with it its own set of problems.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the city has seen a recent increase in building collapses and reports of property damage to go along with its rapidly expanding building industry. The boom has created an environment where residents are not happy (one Philadelphia suburb resident called the environment “construction destruction” on Twitter)  and developers are “stepping on each others toes” in order to finish projects.

In response, the city’s Department of Licenses and Inspections has decided to increase permitting requirements while making inspection protocols and educational campaigns more robust and thorough.

“We have so much more construction activity that there are now so many more opportunities for people to step on each others’ toes and for accidents to occur,” David Perri, Philadelphia L&I Commissioner, told the Inquirer. “The incentive now for a builder to go in and do a teardown and build new in the middle of a block … it’s causing issues that hadn’t previously existed.”

It is the belief of the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspection that the development boom has also brought with it inexperienced contractors looking to make some money in a market that some might consider akin to a gold rush. Philadelphia is in an interesting position here, as home building and construction have become an integral part of their economy but are also causing some serious issues. The city will look to cut back on problematic construction and tear-downs without slowing the economic growth that the construction industry provides.

As of today, there have been no concrete plans laid out for how exactly Philadelphia plans on doing so.

Did you know that cannabis use during work is another safety concern in the construction industry right now?

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