Nov 09 , 2017

Reader Project: Loft Bed (and a lot more)

Skill and imagination can be dangerous, turning small problems into huge solutions. But here’s a chain-reaction project that worked out for the best: To create space for bike storage, Jak Krumholtz decided to build a loft for his queen-size bed. That opened up a lot more space than a couple of bikes require, so he installed the interior of his beloved, scrap-bound ’88 Oldsmobile Toronado: upholstery, console, dome light and power seats (wired and working!). He added pull-out shelves in the leftover space and steps that double as storage bins. And yes, there’s room for bikes, too.

“I just needed a place to store my bikes. Guess I got a little carried away.” — Jak Krumholtz

Loft bed and storage system

Loft bed and storage system

Loft with storage and car seats

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