Oct 01 , 2018

Sacrificial Miter Saw Fence for Safety

sacrificial miter saw fence 2

Cutting small parts on a miter saw is dangerous. There’s typically a wide gap between the fence halves as well as in the throat plate. Without full support for the workpiece, offcuts can (and will) go airborne. Even worse, if the blade “grabs” the workpiece, pulling it into these gaps, it can take your fingers along with it. To solve this problem, I attach a sacrificial fence. I attach a piece of 1/4-in. plywood to a 1x board, screw the 1x board to the miter saw fence and cut a kerf into the assembly with the saw. This not only adds a great deal of safety, it also makes it super easy to make accurate cuts. Just mark the cut line on your workpiece and line it up with the kerf. – Brad Holden

These are the best sliding miter saws out there.

sacrificial miter saw fence

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