Mar 15 , 2019

ShockStrap Ratchet Strap Review

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ShockStrap Pros

ShockStrap solves the problem presented by regular ratchet straps when they’re used to haul ATVs and other equipment that tends to bounce up and down along the road.

Another great thing about ShockStrap is because they absorb the bumps along the road, they won’t cause dings and dents on your truck like a regular ratchet strap might.

ShockStrap Cost

You can pick up a 7-foot, 1-1/2-inch black Polyester webbing Shock Strap for $35.99, a 15-foot, 1-1/2-inch black Polyester webbing ShockStrap for $39.99.

The 9-foot, 2-inch black Polyester webbing Shock Strap is listed at $39.99 and the 18-foot variety costs $44.99.

How ShockStrap Works

Shock Strap act like little shock absorbers to stay tight on the item you’re strapping in.

ShockStrap Lengths

ShockStrap comes in 7-, 9-, 18- and 32-foot lengths. They can be cut to the length you need as well.

ShockStrap Weight Capacities

The strap is rated to 5,000 pounds while the housing is weighted to 4,600 pounds.

Find the ShockStrap ratchet straps online at Amazon.

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Shock Strap Ratchet Straps

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