8 Best Car Maintenance Apps Available

Jul 08 , 2020

chad folkening

Deals We Love: Car Detailing

Get your vehicle buff with these two proven products for car detailing.

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Top Bad Brake Booster Symptoms

Learn the most common bad brake booster symptoms that give you early warning that the safety of your vehicle is at risk. Test your brake booster function.

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How to Fix a Seized Engine

An engine can seize due to running on low/no oil, overheating or succumbing to a broken timing belt. These conditions eventually stop your engine in its tracks and a professional technician will be required to restore function. However, if an engine seizes due to rusted cylinder walls, you can restart the engine without professional help.

This is how rusted cylinder walls develop: When a vehicle sits for an extended period of time without running, the lubricant coating the cylinder walls thins and drains away due to gravity. Shutting down a vehicle always leaves some of the intake valves open on some of the cylinders. This allows moisture-laden air from the environment to circulate through the engine's air intake, progress through to the cylinder head, and cause condensation on the cylinder walls, piston surface and rings.

Left long enough, that condensation causes rust that can freeze the pistons in place, causing a seized engine. If you suspect that this is the case for your vehicle, this is how to fix a seized engine.

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12 Best Cleaning Products for Your Car

Here are 12 of the best cleaning products for your car, according to both experts and product reviewers. These products will make your car shine from top to bottom, inside and out.

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Top 10 Car Window Cleaners

The best car window cleaner will not only boost driver visibility, but also protect the glass.

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