Feb 09 , 2017

Tips for Making Portable Tools for Your Workshop

Rolling miter saw stand

Use Wheelbarrow Wisdom

Combine a wheel and a lever and what do you get? A wheelbarrow—one of the most underrated inventions of all time. It’s easy to move, but when you come to a stop and lower the handles, it doesn’t budge.

Here’s how to apply wheelbarrow logic to shop tools. Mount a pair of large wheels on one side of the unit you want to move, then add removable handles.

Better yet, mount the wheels on the side of the unit and about 1/16 in. above the floor. When you tilt the unit by lifting up the handles, the wheels will touch the floor and you’ll be ready to roll. When you lower the handles, the unit will stay put, sitting solidly on all four corners.

The cart shown here has two 4-in. fixed wheels fastened to one side. The handles are made from PVC pipe and hardwood. Cut off the corners of the wood so they slip inside the pipe. Nest the PVC in boards cut with a V-groove and mount the pipe securely to the cart.

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