Nov 14 , 2017

Toilet Paper Roll Wrapping Paper Sleeve

One roll of wrapping paper can usually last a long time. So storing wrapping paper after opening it is common in most households. Many people just stick a piece of tape on the loose edge to keep it from unwinding while it’s stowed away. But when you try to remove the tape the next time you need to wrap a present, the paper rips and you have to cut a new clean edge. The following simple hint will fix that—no more wasted wrapping paper!

Cut an empty toilet paper tube lengthwise and wrap it around the roll of wrapping paper. Cinch up the tube as tight as possible and secure it in place with a piece of tape. Then when you need to use the wrapping paper again, just remove the toilet paper tube. You may rip the tube, but your wrapping paper will remain intact!

cutting a toilet paper roll for a wrapping paper sleeve

toilet paper roll wrapping paper sleeve

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