Nov 04 , 2019

Trailer Safety Checklist and Tips You Need to Know

Creating a pre-trip checklist | Construction Pro Tips

Create a pre-trip checklist

You owe it to the other drivers you will be sharing the road with to make sure your trailer is road-worthy every time you take it out. Check the following items before taking to the streets:

  • The ball and the coupler are compatible sizes.
  • Chains, wiring harness and breakaway cable are all connected.
  • Ball mount pin is in place.
  • Locking lever is down and pin installed.
  • Ball is fastened securely to the ball mount.
  • Tongue jack is raised.
  • Tires are properly inflated and lug nuts are tight.
  • Lights are all working.
  • Ramps and/or gates are in place and secure.
  • Load is fastened and secure.
  • Brakes are working.

Plus: Check out our list of go-to items you should always have in your truck or trailer.

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