May 25 , 2020

Transform an Old Crate into a Stylish Side Table

As a DIYer, there’s nothing better than taking something that looks worn out and past its prime and turning it into something new. This crate revival project will show how to make a side table out of a crate, some wood stain, and an assortment of piping using just a couple of HART Tools, found exclusively at Walmart. The rustic stained wood of the crate combined with the industrial feel of its piping legs create a stylish look that will complement any living room or bedside. And the open crate provides plenty of storage space, whether you use it as a bookshelf or a place to store your TV remotes.


  • Wooden Crate
  • Pack of wood screws 3/4”
  • 4 – 12” 3/4” pipe
  • 4 – phalanges
  • 4 – elbows
  • 2 – 6” pipes
  • Wood stain


Step 1

  • Stain crate with foam brush making sure to cover all areas. Allow it to dry before the next step.

Step 2

    • Screw phalanges on side of crate. We only used two screws and predrilled into the thickest plank side of the crate. The other screw holes didn’t line up with enough of the wood from crate and would split.
    • Two screws is plenty for strength.

Step 3

  • Assemble 12” pipe into each phalange. It can be tough, but make sure not to go too terribly tight in case you have to back it out a touch to make it level later on. Then assemble elbows and 6” pipe onto 12” pipes. Again, not too tight.

Step 4

  • Next, assemble the other 12” pipes, elbows and 6” pipe. This part can be a bit tricky. You may need to loosen the rest of the pipes to make everything fit snug in the end.

Step 5

  • Make sure the pipes are level.

Step 6

  • Give everything an extra tight twist then flip it over and throw some books or plants inside!

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