Oct 22 , 2019

Tried-and-True Leveling Tips From Pro Carpenters

Hanging Pictures level | Construction Pro Tips
Family Handyman

How to level a row of pictures perfectly

Getting a row of pictures to line up at the top can be tricky, especially if the hanging wires are different lengths. Here’s a tip from a professional picture hanger: Use a laser to create a level reference line. Hook a tape measure to the picture wire and pull it tight. Measure to the top of the picture frame. On the wall, measure down from a level line and mark this distance at the centerline of your new picture location. Align the hook of the picture hanger with the mark and nail it to the wall. Repeat this process for all of the pictures, and their tops will be perfectly aligned. After checking out these expert leveling tips, be sure to take a peek at these marking hacks that will also come in handy on the job.

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