Jan 16 , 2019

We Found the Last Dog Food Storage Container You’ll Ever Need

dog food storage Container

To keep your dog’s food fresh, you need a container that holds plenty of kibble and has a secure lid. Bonus points if the container is stylish.

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This stainless steel dog food storage container from simplehuman fits all those qualifications. The 25-liter container can fit approximately 27 pounds of dog food and has a food-safe (BPA-free) plastic inner bucket that is removable and easy-to-clean.

The larger, ergonomic handle locks the lid shut to keep food fresh and unwanted pests, such as insects and mice, out. It also comes with a lid-mounted scoop that attaches under the lid for easy access.

“I love this dog food storage container! I really didn’t want to spend the money for it at first, but since none of the cheaper containers were truly air-tight with a full seal, I had no choice. I am glad that I had to buy it, though, as it looks a lot nicer than any of the cheaper containers,” said one reviewer on Amazon.

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The stainless steel finish is fingerprint-proof and is stylish enough to put in the corner of the kitchen. Built-in wheels make it easy to move around.

The container measures 18-1/8 inches by 10-3/8 inches by 19-3/8 inches, making it a good size to put in a closet, and it weighs just 10 pounds.

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“Our Weimaraner is extremely food-driven and will go berserk if food is sitting out, cooking or otherwise detectable in any way. Since our current house does not have a garage, we needed a safe place to keep dog food,” explained one buyer. “The airtight seal on this container means he doesn’t catch a whiff of the food until it’s time to eat. We actually have it sitting right next to his dog bed and he doesn’t pay any attention to it until its open. The design is stylish and the wheels are a nice touch when you’re moving 30-ish pounds of dog food.”

This container also comes in 30- and 40-liter sizes.

Buy it now on Amazon.

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